Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Esquivel responds during public forum; by turning on his mike and coughing!

The videotape of the October 15, 2014 regular school board meeting is finally posted on APS' award winning website.  APS Director of Communications Rigo Chavez is yet to explain why the video was not posted in a timely manner.
You can if you'd like, click on the video, link,, and FF to 30:53.  You will see my presentation at public forum.

... cough, cough, ... cough, cough, cough
You will hear School Board Member Defendant Marty Esquivel coughing through his mysteriously open mike during the good parts; like where I was challenging the board to actually look at the records they are spending so much money to hide.

Two weeks from now; APS school board members will find themselves in a position where they will have to;
1.  admit the record is of a cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators. Or,

2, admit to remaining willfully ignorant of the truth about that cover up.
The same can be said for the Journal, KRQE, KOAT and KOB TV.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

What juvenile behavior for a champion of open government. In the past I've seen him on his phone, getting up to walk around, sprawled across the dais, and having sidebars while others are speaking. If he was in my class with that behavior, we would be having parent conferences. I find it interesting mr hat the other board members don't call him out on his shenanigans.
Marty is giving lawyers a bad name!