Friday, October 10, 2014

Federal court dismisses two counts against APS, taxpayers will suffer

A federal court judge has dismissed without prejudice, link, two counts in a complaint alleging that APS is hiding public records in violation of the NM Inspection of Public Records Act.

The records in question, are public records of the findings of investigations into allegations of (state and federal) felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.  APS has been hiding them since 2007, link.

The dispute the court did not resolve; whether the records enjoy legitimate exception under the law.

The dispute will continue and funds appropriated to educate children will be gobbled up at the rate of about $300 an hour until it is settled.  Taxpayers are paying for APS' lawyers, they are paying for my lawyers, and they will pay whatever fine is levied by the court against APS.

The person or persons in the leadership of the APS who have decided to spend operational funds in an effort to keep the ethically redacted truth secret, will not pay any part of the fine.  They will suffer no consequence at all for diverting classroom bound dollars into cost is no object litigation in order to keep the truth hidden.

Never in this process, will that person or those people, have to explain why the truth needs to remain hidden.  Note; the question is not how they can do it.  The do it by spending operational dollars on legal weaselry.

The question is why do they need to hide the ethically redacted record of their own public service?

I can think of three reasons why they need to hide the ethically redacted truth about public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS and their publicly funded private police force;

1.  the truth is embarrassing, and or

2.  the truth is shaming, and or

3.  the truth is indicting.
  • the leadership of the APS
  • the Journal editors, and
  • the news directors of KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV
    could post the reason I missed; the good and ethical reason to spend educational funds to hide the truth - if there was one.  There is not.  If there was, someone would have mentioned it by now - the litigation has been going on for years.

    Their only defense is; you can't make us!

    The APS school board and senior administration are squandering the public trust and treasure in an effort only to not be embarrassed, shamed, or criminally charged subsequent to their public record becoming public knowledge.

    Taxpayers and other stake and interest holders are being betrayed by the (establishment credentialed) press their democracy depends upon.

    Their betrayal flows from one of two founts; corruption or the lack of courage.  They are willing participants in the cover up or, they are too afraid of the consequences of finally telling the truth.  The establishment's media you see, are in a bind with respect to telling the truth about their friends in the leadership of the APS.  They are betwixt a rock and hard place;
    • they cannot report credibly on the ongoing ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS
    • without they first reporting credibly on their failure to investigate and report upon credible evidence and testimony regarding on that crisis, heretofore.
    photo by ched macquigg
    As far as the the Journal goes, it's fair I believe, to blame Journal editor-in-chief Kent Walz.

    In all these years, he has never offered up the name of anyone more responsible and blameworthy than he, for the Journal's relentless refusal to investigate and report upon the ethics, standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

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