Monday, October 20, 2014

Taxpayers buy 18 seat boardroom for Convention Center

In the Journal Business Outlook this morning, link, we read;

The remodel (of the Convention Center) also introduced an 18-seat boardroom in the northwest corner and a roomy stairway landing that Garcia expects will become a gathering place in its own right.
The Journal's investigation and report did not include;
Which boards if any, will meet there.
If they are government boards, 18 seats is an insult to the people who paid for it.

If they private sector boards,
How many of them are really looking for a
board room to rent and a stairway landing
in which they can hang out?

The Journal chose to not report to taxpayers, the actual cost of the board room.

Just as they choose to not report still, to taxpayers, the actual cost of APS' John Milne Community Boardroom.  The still to be justified new board room was built;
over budget, link, and
  1. while inadequate financial standards were in place, and
  2. while there was inadequate accountability to such standards as there were, and
  3. while inadequate records were being kept;
the trifecta of public corruption and embezzlement.
All this equipment and 3 techs, and still no timely record of school board meetings?

photo Mark Bralley

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