Saturday, October 18, 2014

APS settles a quarter of a million dollars on two complainants

The leadership of the APS has leaked to their Journal friends, link, the amounts of both settlements in case brought by two administrators against then APS Supt Winston Brooks; $245,000.  The figure represents a $70K settlement on one complainant and a $175K settlement on the other.

The Journal headline;

Total to settle two APS claims is $245,000
is misleading at best.

The money paid to the plaintiffs, is the smallest part of the cost to APS' operational fund and to taxpayers trying keep the fund solvent.  Still secret, the amount APS spent on lawyers in these cases, in Brooks' effort to escape the consequences of retaliating against people who filed complaints against him.

The plaintiff's lawyers' fees are also part of the cost to the district and taxpayers, of settlement and is not part of Journal coverage.  An honest headline would read;
Total to settle two APS claims is more than $500,000.
More settlements to come.
But then we know better than to expect candor, forthrightness and honesty from the Journal in their coverage of their cronies in the leadership of the APS; don't we.

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