Wednesday, October 01, 2014

APS' Legislative agenda hard to find

There is an APS School Board meeting tonight.  On the agenda, link;

B. 2015 Legislative Agenda (Discussion)
Presenter: Carrie Robin Brunder, Director of Government Affairs and Policy, and Joseph Escobedo, Chief of Staff
Not even a rough draft of what's on their mind, that anyone might want to support or oppose.

Update; I was informed this evening, that the agenda will be published tomorrow.

No action will be taken tonight, only "discussion" of the agenda of the leadership of the APS with respect to the upcoming legislative session.

Their agenda has to do with their administration of more than a billion tax dollars; on the order of a fifth or so, of the entire state budget, not just the budget for public education.

If APS' agenda includes something stake and interest holders won't support, it behooves them to keep it secret from stake and interest holders for as long as they can.  Not on the agenda; any mention of asking the legislature to allow APS to have their own police department.  Their current status is that they are police force.

The distinction is that as a publicly funded private police force, they have be certified by, in this case, the Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston.  The school board and superintendent resent the external oversight and are trying to escape it, but they want to do in on the Q.T.

The switch from police force to police department will make it easier for them to cover up administrative and executive misconduct.

The leadership of the APS and of their police force are covering up a cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators.  The federal felony criminal misuse of the NCIC criminal database, and the state felony misappropriation of money in evidence, were first exposed by the Journal, link, in 2007.

A few undisputed facts pertaining to the scandal;
  • no criminal charges were ever filed against anyone
  • because the criminal investigation was done by the leadership of the APS police force; the very people who were being investigated, and because
  • none of the evidence was ever turned over to DA Kari Brandenburg.  It was Brandenburg's call, not the school board and superintendent (Winston Brooks) whether to prosecute senior APS administrators over their involvement in felony criminal misconduct, and because
  • all of the several investigations into allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators were self-investigations done by APS personnel or their private contractors, and because,
  • the findings of every one of those investigations are being hidden in their entirety from stake and interest holders.  The leadership of the APS is spending operational dollars hand over fist in non-viable litigation in their relentless efforts to keep the findings secret from voters, and because,
  • the leadership of the establishment's media, people like former APS School Board heavy hitter Paula Maes, are willing to help their cronies in the leadership of the APS, to keep all this secret.

Walz assuring Dixon Award 
 Banquet attendees that Brooks
was a true hero of transparency
Chief among the establishment's press willing to help cover up the cover up is Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz.

On the day of the NM FOG banquet for heroes of transparency, it is worth remembering that it was Kent Walz, and APS School Board Member and Defendant Marty Esquivel, who joined forces and bamboozled the FOG into giving their formerly prestigious Dixon Award to none other than Winston Brooks.

All while the three of them were covering up a cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators.

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