Thursday, October 30, 2014

APS' latest audit findings

Because they spend more than a billion tax dollars every year,
the administration of the Albuquerque Public Schools is audited every year.

The findings of the audits are kept secret for awhile.  They are kept secret for some good and ethical reasons.  But, after those reasons expire, one should be able to inspect or copy those findings.  Rather easily and rather immediately.

APS made a solemn promise to interest and stakeholders; they promised to post APS audit findings on their award winning website.  All anyone would have to do, is to click on them to read them.

They have yet to post the first.

It is possible to get a copy of audit findings to read, but not easy.  Certainly not as easy as simply looking it up on their (our) website.  And may I remind you, they promised to post them all and they haven't posted a one!

APS calendar; their "biggest project"
I once asked APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta, could she or anyone else in APS' million dollar a year public relations effort, point to any audits whose findings did not include one or all of the following findings;
  1. inadequate standards,
  2. inadequate accountability
  3. inadequate record keeping
It was a public records request and I offered; if the request is too burdensome (too many clean audits to list easily), the request would be satisfied by providing only the latest one.

Neither she nor they, could.  The administration of the Albuquerque Public Schools has never been audited, not one single time, where the auditors could not find inadequate standards, inadequate enforcement of inadequate standards and, inadequate recording keeping of the inadequate enforcement of the inadequate standards.

At what point can we expect a clean audit of the administration of the Albuquerque Public Schools and the spending of well more than a billion tax dollars?

They've been trying now for more than a hundred years.

It isn't rocket science.  It isn't magic.

There are organizations of this size that have figured out how to write meaningful standards of conduct and competence for their executive and administrative personnel.  They have figured out how to enforce the standards, and they have figured out how to make a candid, forthright and honest record of what they have done.

In no small part, it is fair to blame Kent Walz, the Journal, KRQE, KOAT, KOB TV and now the publishers of Duke City Fix, for the relentless refusal to investigate and report upon an ethics, standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

Even to offer evidence that there is not one.

Even in the face of school board elections.

Even in the face of the hiring a new superintendent.

Tomorrow morning's meeting, link, includes in secret discussion and action on this year's audit. By their own deliberate decision, there will be no recording made, of their discussion and action.

photo Mark Bralley

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