Saturday, November 01, 2014

Esquivel ratchets up your tab

"Your" tab if you are a taxpayer, interest, or stakeholder.

APS School Board Member and Defendant Marty Esquivel is in defense of his own ego, spending operational dollars to argue nonsense and worse.

Operational dollars are dollars that could be, and would be spent in a classroom if they were not being spent to pay one of his lawyer friends a few hundred operational dollars an hour to write as an undisputed material fact;

47.  On two occasions after the issuance of the September 1, 2010 letter, APS police officers caught Plaintiff trying to sneak through a side door at 6400 Uptown Blvd ...
Esquivel's so-called undisputed fact rests on the testimony of the former and now disgraced APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez.
  • nothing from the "officers" who allegedly "caught me", and more importantly, 
  • nothing in the videotape of the whole thing that Tellez claimed to have watched and then negligently allowed to be destroyed.
I never had an interest in being in that building in defiance of the banishment letter Esquivel and Modrall lawyers wrote; the banishment a federal court judge has already undone.  Being in the building would serve no useful purpose and utterly destroy my own credibility.  In essence, by attempting to enter the building I would have had absolutely nothing to gain and absolutely everything to lose.  It did not happen: one once: not twice.

So I sat with my legal defense for four hours yesterday, and we are not yet done.  The operational dollars that Esquivel is spending on a non-viable but lucrative defense of his ego, are unlimited.  And they are being spent without real oversight by anybody.  Self-oversight and subordinate oversight are not oversight; they are oxymora.

If there is real oversight, why wouldn't they just point to it?

The only protection stake and interest holders have is "trust".  That trust is demanded by people who decide your interests in meetings in secret from you, and that they do not record, by their own deliberate decision.  The manifest failure of the rest of the board to curb his spending is motivated in part by the fact that the all have fat in the fire; their interests are conflicted.

In normal circumstances, a school board member squandering the public trust and treasure would draw the attention of the press.  By press, I mean press in the sense of a human right to communicate facts and ideas worthy of Constitutional protection as imagined by the framers.

The so-called press in River City; the Journal and the affiliate stations of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association and its President and CEO Paula Maes, and now Duke City Fix, don't find it at all newsworthy.

Even in the face of elections, and the appointment of a new superintendent and another golden parachute.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if Esquivel doesn't run in the next board election, or better yet if he runs and fails, and he is off the board, does he still get access to APS's lawyers to defend his sorry butt?

ched macquigg said...

It would not surprise me in the least.