Friday, February 24, 2012

Vega-Brown; "we're done! We're done!"

KRQE reporter Alex Tomlin was trying to find out if a BCSO recruit was given special treatment because of a connection to Sheriff Dan Houston's church. She was interviewing Lt David Knowles. Sitting in; the Sheriff's legal adviser/PIO Jennifer Vega-Brown.

This post isn't about the apparently preferential treatment given to this recruit or to another before him who happened to have political connections.

Rather, it is about whether a public information officer should help a reporter (or citizen) get to the truth, or to deflect them from it.

Tomlin was asking legitimate questions. Public servants have an obligation to respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly; answering as many questions as the law will allow, and refusing to answer only when the law requires.

At 3;20 into Tomlin's report, link, Vega-Brown announces;

We're done. We're done.
They weren't done; nowhere close. Tomlin had not dug as deep as she had a right to, though clearly she had already dug too deep to suit Vega-Brown.

Public Information Officers are first and foremost public servants.
Is Vega-Brown serving the public? hardly.

Watch her face, measure her irritation. She is not serving the
public interests; she is serving her own interest and those of
the man she works under, not the people she works for.

I have personal experience with Vega-Brown's misguided

I asked her for the truth about what Sheriff Houston is going to
do about APS Police Officers, carrying his commissions, who
watched high school students get drunk for a couple of hours
before putting and end to it, link.

She is yet to respond.

Out of respect for the people's interests, or Dan Houston's?

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