Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Special board meeting Thursday

There are two meetings scheduled on Thursday the 23rd.
One is a Special board meeting whose agenda, at posting, is still secret, link.

Interestingly, if you look at the agenda for the second meeting; the Policy and Instruction Committee meeting, link, you will find indication that they know what is going to be discussed during the Special Meeting and that it will only take 15 minutes.

During the Policy Committee Meeting, they will discuss;

Future Topics: Various topics will be presented as time allows.
It would be a shame, and I do mean shame, if the board discussed their intentions with respect to the various citizens petitions they hold, without notifying stakeholders of their intention to discuss their interests.

If you take a look at their last Policy Committee agenda, link, you find a list of future topics;
JROTC Update; Long-term Suspensions (Vision Quest), Standard Based Assessment; Review of the Trademark for High School Logos; Common Core Standards; Public Forum and Board Reports; Truancy Update; Retention Research; Career Enrichment Center Presentation of Curriculum and Innovative Courses; Update on Rio Grande High School; Small Learning Community Grant Evaluator Report; APS Charter School Collaboration Compact (Gates Foundation); Family Engagement Presentation; Instate Preference; New Student Management System; Student Behavior Handbook; Update on the Career and Technical Charter School; Middle School Online Pilot Program (Discussion)
That list has been there for years. It used to include discussion of the role modeling clause, (in no case shall the standards of conduct for an adult by lower than the standards for students), and whether or not to reinstate it, in the adults standards of conduct.

That topic disappeared from the list without any public action by the board, and now the rest of the list has disappeared as well.

Whatever they do talk about will be hard to nail down, the meeting is not being webcast and audio records are not archived. There is no public forum on the agenda and the meeting will be over long before working interest holders can get there.

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