Saturday, February 25, 2012

Journal editors step up on pumpkin theft

You don't have to read deep or long on this blog to find criticism of the Journal editors, primarily over their relentless disinterest in the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

This morning, the Journal editors became the first of the establishment news outlets to take a stand on the right side of pumpkin thievery. All of the rest pandered to their audiences who think the thieves were the victims and the victim the villain. They wrote, link;

"At the risk of sounding really old and really square, there
was a time when people simply knew not to take something
that didn’t belong to them. Not from a neighbor’s yard, not
from a business, not if it wasn’t theirs. If they did, that
“taking” was labeled for what it really was: i.e., stealing."
How do editors suppose children grow into adults who don't
know any better, or care any more about honesty, than to take
something that doesn't belong to them? Where do editors
expect students to find guidance and role models if there are
none in their homes?

The leadership of the APS is doing a huge disservice to students
and the community by neglecting character development in the

The Journal, and the rest of the establishment media, are
doing a huge disservice to students and the community by
ignoring the lack of character development as part and parcel
of a sound education.

Theodore Roosevelt was absolutely right;
to educate in the mind and not in the morals is to create
a menace to society.
These young adults went through a school system somewhere (maybe APS) and were educated in the mind, acquiring a skill set that enabled them to steal pumpkins and then to mitigate or avoid consequences. That school system never helped them understand and internalize basic tenets of right and wrong.

Whatever school system it was, created two "menaces" to society.

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