Friday, February 17, 2012

Korte singing a different tune.

When the APS School Board decided three weeks ago, to keep their seats instead of creating a new west side board district, the hugely unpopular decision created a groundswell of opposition among westsiders, link.

Board Member Kathy Korte was quick to fix the blame on westsiders who showed up too little and too late. They "... should have come to meetings if they cared ..." about redistricting, she argued.

Korte added; “This is a board that will be swayed when presented with a lot of public opinion and comment ...”

To her surprise, that is exactly what happened. So many people showed up at the public forum, the board had to blink on issue of redistricting, link.

Korte covets authority; the wielding of power. She gets very testy when people suggest that their interests have a place on the table of pubic business.

Before she was elected, character counted for Kathy Korte.
She would talk out loud about the wonderful effects of
Character Counts! programs in the schools her own children attend.

Now she won't talk about Character Counts! at all; or about
student standards of conduct, adult standards of conduct, or
the duties and responsibilities of role models.

The second most-senior role model for students, of student standards of conduct, will not look students in the eyes and explain to them, why they are expected to "model and promote the Pillars of Character Counts!, and she is not.

She won't talk about hundreds of whistle blower complaints she and the rest of the board are denying their due process. The board promised whistleblowers individual review and approval of every single complaint, and have yet to review and approve even one.

She won't tell you "why" the ethically redacted public record of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS police force, link, a publicly funded, private police force, is not available for public inspection. Not how they are being hidden; why are they being hidden?

She won't explain, defend, deny, or even acknowledge the board's opposition to "any audit that will individually identify" corrupt or incompetent administrators or board members.

She won't be taking any questions on the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

She won't be taking any questions on her part in the ongoing denial of due process for the Citizens Advisory Council petition, and for the effort to establish open and honest two-way communication between the leadership of the APS and the community members they serve.

But, she will show up somewhere to talk about redistricting.

Her Praetorian Guard will show up
to make sure nothing else comes up.

photos Mark Bralley

In fairness to Korte, she is not the only member of the leadership of the APS who will not point to a time, a day and a place where they will respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly to legitimate questions about the public interests and about their public service.

None of them will, not one.

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