Thursday, February 23, 2012

APS redistricting to be revisited.

Bowing to public pressure, the APS School Board has voted
to reopen the discussion on the boundary lines between APS
school board districts.

School Board President
Paula Maes, according
to the Journal, had a
different take on their
impetus; "... emphasizing
that the vote was not
prompted by public
pressure". (emphasis added)

She announced; “This board meeting has nothing to do with what happened at the Legislature, what’s happening in the community, nothing.”

For those having trouble reading between the lines, by her own
free admission, Maes cares little for public opinion.

The board intends to create new maps and post them online for
"public comment". Begging the question; why are they soliciting
community input if their decision making has

"nothing to do with community input, nothing"

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

I am puzzled by the Journal's declaration that the . . .board is WILLING (caps mine) to revisit the "status-quo" approved plan. . .
It begs the question: Does the board own the constituency or does the constituency own the board? WILLING to visit? Hello!