Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teacher cleared; told to keep his mouth shut.

The Tony Hillerman Middle School teacher who was put on paid leave two weeks ago, is back at work, link. He has been cleared of wrong doing. The only thing not cleared will be the damage APS did to the teacher's reputation by their handling of whatever the allegation was.

A letter set to parents read;

“The accusations did not involve conduct with students and the investigation showed that the allegations were unfounded.”
Doesn't quite un-ring the bell.

The Journal reports; the teacher said in an e-mail that,
APS has told him not to make further statements to the media.

It reminds me of when the scandal was breaking in the leadership of the APS police force, link, and one of the first things then Asst Supt, Tom Savage did, was to order APS employees to keep their mouths shut.

I wondered then as I wonder now, how is it exactly, that the leadership of the APS thinks they have the authority and justification to tell employees who they can and cannot speak to, especially the press?


Anonymous said...

Did the teacher get an APS letter of apology clearing him in no uncertain terms or are they not going to admit to their guilt by not sending one? If he is a union member I think the union should take care of this or is the union in the APS back pocket? Without a letter of apology the teacher is still considered guilty in the eyes of APS.

Anonymous said...

The Union has always been in APS's back pocket as far back as I can remember. The AFT has never had any teeth. Not sure really what it is, but from my experience, it is no Union.