Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Supts scared of Skandera?

Hugh Prather, Ph.D., is a retired New Mexico superintendent and educational consultant. I accept Prather's credentials on their face; though the point is moot as his credibility doesn't play.
He has raised a legitimate question. Questions stand alone,
it doesn't matter who raises them or why.

Prather has released a report on the survey he conducted of New Mexico Public School Superintendents, link.

In the introduction to his survey, Prather wrote;

Many of you in private conversations have shared similar concerns with me as well, and yet the chilling effect of prospective retribution places each of you in very uncomfortable positions for publicly voicing such concerns.

This report card was compiled because of its author's concern about the chilling effect that the Secretary-designate's perceived retaliatory behavior has had on the educational leaders of New Mexico and potential sanctions that might befall them if they were to speak out actively on their own behalf.

There are only two possibilities;

Superintendents are afraid to express
themselves candidly, forthrightly and
honestly in opposition to Secretary
Designate Hanna Skandera,

or they are not.

Does it make any difference?

If we accept the premise that fear of retribution and retaliation is a bad thing, then yes, it does make a difference. The most emblematic of indicators of oligarchical ill health, is fear of retaliation and retribution against whistle blowers. Cultures of corruption and incompetence are based upon creating fear among potential whistleblowers.

A recent audit of the leadership of the APS by the Council of the
Great City Schools, found a culture of fear of retribution and retaliation against whistleblowers.

APS interest holders have yet to be surveyed.

If APS Supt Winston Brooks were evaluated by his subordinates, and they could respond to legitimate questions candidly, forthrightly and honestly, without fear of retribution or retaliation, how would Brooks score; what grade would he earn?

That's why Brooks and the rest of the leadership will never agree to any audit that individually identifies corrupt and incompetent administrators,

nor any other survey of their conduct and competence as public servants.

The survey on Skandera was only done because Hugh Prather felt like doing it and has the power and resources to pull it off.

Who can we get to do a survey on Brooks?

KOB did a survey and graded Governor Martinez, link.

Can anyone think of a good and ethical reason they cannot,
should not, or would not do one on Winston Brooks?

Let me know, I will post it here;
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