Monday, February 27, 2012

One community group gets school board attention, the other still being ignored.

The APS District and Community Relations Committee will finally provide some due process for a group of interest holders who have been waiting four months for the board to consider their petition for acceptance of a policy they wrote called; the Families United for Education Process for Proposed Family Engagement Policy.

Kudos to Committee Chair Lorenzo Garcia for putting their petition on his agenda and then allowing a public forum. Unclear still, why he will not extend the same courtesy to another group of interest holders whose petition has been before the board for two months longer than the Families for Education petition.

The Citizens Advisory Council on Communications submitted a petition, link, in August of last year, link, and is yet to see public discussion.

As usual, the agenda is posted with minimum notice required by the law as oppose to early as the law allows. I would encourage you to check their agenda, link, for any reason this agenda could not have been published days ago instead of at the very last minute.

The problem of course, the less notice, the less chance for interest holders to rearrange their schedules in order to participate in a meeting about their interests and that begins before their workday ends.

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