Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Winter stonewalling, and breaking the law.

APS Chief Operating Officer Brad Winter doesn't want to tell the truth about the spending on APS new board room.

I've been trying to get the truth out of him for years.

At the District Goals Meeting at Manzano High School on Thursday November 17th, I called him out again and he promised to surrender the truth, but only if I filed a formal request for public records.

I did, the following morning.

According to the law; the NM Inspection of Public Records Act, the records must be surrendered within 15 calendar days of the request. That would be have been Friday last; maybe Saturday depending on whether the day of request counts or not.

APS is in violation of the law.

I could sue for the records of course; take on APS lawyers with their unlimited budget for litigating exception to the law for APS senior administrators and board members. But why should I have to?

It's our board room, it's our money. The truth about the spending of public resources belongs to the people.

I shouldn't have to sue to see it.

Nobody should.

photo Mark Bralley

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