Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brooks, in secret, evaluation process begins

The School Board will meet today. According to their agenda, link, they intend to adjourn into executive session; "... for the Purpose of Discussion of the Superintendent’s Evaluation (Action)".

The results of their previous, in secret, evaluations have seen them extend Brooks' golden parachute (if he leaves we pay him anyway) to as much as three quarters of a million dollars!

For the most, these in secret evaluations are allowed by the law; not required by the law. That they are exploiting weakness in the law will become evident in their "statement of closure".

They are supposed to swear that they didn't discuss or decide anything that wasn't disclosed with "reasonable specificity" before they closed the public meeting, and disclosed again with "reasonable specificity" when they reconvene in public.

There will be no reasonable specificity in their closure statement on this meeting. They will not be able to create a list of things they discussed and decided upon, that will justify the amount of time they spend in secret.

That they are willing to be less than honest in that regard,
is manifest in the unlawful decision (made during executive
session and not disclosed before and after the secret session),
to have their Praetorian Guard eject Mark Bralley and me
from an audit committee meeting, and further manifest in the
(unlawful) banning letter they created in that same secret session, that revoked my several First Amendment rights.

There are things in a legitimate evaluation of a Superintendent
that should be keep secret from public knowledge; matters of opinion in personnel files for one.

Every other truth that is not specifically and explicitly excepted from surrender, belongs to the people.

They don't get to hide our truth from us, just because it's inconvenient.

Expect Kent Walz and the Journal to take no stand on the issue.


Anonymous said...

Giving tax payer money away in a "golden parachute" for no services rendered seems like it could be challenged as fraudulent spending and waste of tax payer revenue.
We are NOT a corporation. BROOKES IS NOT a CEO.
How can we petition the termination of all "golden parachutes"for any civil servant in the State of NM?

ched macquigg said...

The Journal this morning,, reports that they came out of the meeting singing Brooks' praise and intending to meet January 6th to extend his contract (golden parachute) until 2114.