Tuesday, December 20, 2011

APS leadership takes a break

APS administrative offices will be closed from December 23 through January 2nd, link.

The school board has cancelled the three meetings they scheduled for this week, link. They always do; schedule meetings during the week of Christmas Break and then cancel them.

Forget for a moment whether they should be taking the week off, why schedule meetings if you know you're going to cancel them anyway? And if there's really nothing else for them to do, why are they still claiming to be too busy to give the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication Petition it's due process?

Granted, with students gone for two weeks there's little point in having teachers and site administrators at school, but what about senior administrators with their digs in Sleepy Hollow?

Should senior administrators, people making between $100-250K a year to raise APS success rates above 50%, be taking a long holiday too?

APS Supt Winston Brooks for example, has a lot on his plate
whether students are in school or not. He has to find time to
figure out what to do about the conduct unbecoming a senior
administrator; Rep Sheryl Williams-Stapleton.

Brooks told the press he needed time to "review" the situation
before deciding what to do.

There are really only two facts to consider;

  1. did Williams-Stapleton call the Governor a "Mexican" and
  2. was she getting paid by APS at the time?
In truth, those are the only two germane facts and it doesn't
take three weeks to review them. What he really needs to do
is to let the furor die down before he "decides" to mete out the
standard consequence for senior administrators gone wild;
no real punishment at all.

In three weeks, interest holders will have lost interest, he can
do whatever he wants, and nobody will take notice.

photo Mark Bralley

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