Saturday, December 24, 2011

APS fight card quite impressive

They don't want you
to know about it.

"They" being APS' Executive
Director of Communications
Monica Armenta and Journal
Managing Editor Kent Walz.

They don't want you to know
about the scale of the violence
on APS campuses.

I'm given to understand this represents "only a few";
a small sampling of what's going on.

link, Volcano Vista beating victim faces more threats

link, Rio Grande fight club; smalls WSLO3 vs Gayer

link, Big Jesse vs Jose Rio Grande fight

link, Rio Grande fight Minus vs Jose

link, Alfredo vs Gayer You Tube

link, Smallz (david) vs gayer

link, Lil bill vs Israel
Despite their several obligations to tell stakeholders the truth about what is going on at school; she as a public servant charged with communication; he as a member of the fourth estate, wikilink, they will tell you nothing.

Armenta will get in touch with YouTube and get them to take down the videos.

And Walz, seen here extolling APS' hero of transparency Winston Brooks, will continue publishing Brooks' monthly spin on the truth, and cover up of the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

You cannot solve a problem and hide it at the same time.

photo and frame grab Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

At the very least, this punk bum Gayer should be thrown out for being so proud of posting his many fights.
And does anybody not believe that WSLO stands for anything but "West Side Locos"? Where's the bust for celebrated gang activity?
These punks need to be dealt with so our "normal"kids can get an education!

ched macquigg said...

It would be interesting to survey the teachers who know these young men.

Ask them two questions;
are they surprised by the behavior? and,
do they think the administration is taking care of business with respect to enforcing discipline policies and corralling bullies?

Anonymous said...

I can tell you first hand that when site admin is made aware that fight club videos are posted, WITH names and clea faces of their students, they get a "that isn't being a good citizen "lecture, then sent back to class. They don't get ISS, they use the excuse of "we can't pove this was during school time, so what can we do about it? ", etc....
Despite all the big talk about Anti-bullying in aPS, it's just cheap words to pacify the public.
Nothing's changed, in fact, the student thugs feel more empowered than ever in the schools.