Thursday, December 08, 2011

Only following orders?

The Nuremberg Defense, link, is used by people who don't want to be held accountable for their actions which were ordered by a superior.

APS' secretly promoted Chief
of Police Steve Tellez probably
has probably sworn some kind
of oath to defend the
Constitution, and he probably
doesn't want to keep arresting
me for trying to exercise my
Constitutionally protected
human rights to speak freely
and to petition my
government, but he does.

$90K a year probably helps assuage his discomfort.

He is enforcing an unlawful restraining order (they call it a "banning letter") created by school board enforcer Marty Esquivel.

Tellez enforced it last night, my sixteenth unlawful arrest by Tellez or his subordinates, who are only "following orders".

They were taken aback last night when I moved my peaceful protest indoors. The unlawful restraining order, link, revokes my "privilege" attend board meetings. It does not prevent me from entering the building where a board meeting is taking place.

After a confab with Chief Operations Officer Brad Winter, and Supt Winston Brooks, Tellez was "ordered" to arrest me and force me out of the building.

The practical difference between standing inside and outside, and holding the same poster a half inch further away, escapes me, other than the kick they seem to be getting out of doing it.

photos Mark Bralley


Michelle Meaders said...

I'm confused: did you move inside or outside?

ched macquigg said...

I went inside the building but stood outside the board room holding a poster. After the arrest, I found myself back outside again.

Anonymous said...

You cant blame them for removing a sociopath. This was a spot on service to local taxpayers! Luckily you are little more than an annoyance and you were dealt with justly and swiftly.
Shouldn't be a problem next time either.

ched macquigg said...

Anonymous, whom I believe to be Wayne Knight, accuses me of being a sociopath.

I would say Wayne needs to consult a dictionary on the meaning of sociopathy.

Wayne writes; you were dealt with "justly"; arrested for being "little more than an annoyance".

In this country, the government does not get to arrest you for being annoying.

There's a reason Wayne Knight couldn't succeed a principal, and it's disappointing that the leadership of the APS would reward his incompetence and corruption as a principal, by giving him a cush job in the twin towers.