Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More propaganda from Brooks

The Journal gives APS Supt Winston Brooks a column a month to spin whatever he wants, however he wants, without fear of contradiction even in a letter to the editor. In the Journal this morning, link, Brooks latest column;
Community Voices are Being Heard.

Spin one;

"I’m always delighted when I’m approached by parents, grandparents, concerned citizens and others who want to play an active role in making our school community better."
The controverting truth; Tell that to the peaceful protestors at the District Goals Setting Meeting at Manzano High School, link. Tell that to those whose petition is being ignored. Brooks could act administratively to support the Citizens Advisory Council on Communications, but has not.

Spin 2,
"... we've begun" a partnership to advocate for strategies and policies that trigger positive change.
The truth; there is nothing more fundamental to a partnership than open and honest two-way communication. Yet Brooks cannot point to a venue where actual two-way communication takes place. He cannot and will not, point to a time, a day and a place where he will stand still and answer questions about
  • his abdication as a role model of the student standards of conduct,
  • the hiding of the Caswell report on felony public corruption in his publicly funded private police force,
  • the obstruction of an independent audit of administrative standards and accountability, or
  • a whistle blower program that denies due process to legitimate complaints.
Spin 3;
APS administration has offered the public information necessary to be informed on some of the critical issues ahead ...
The truth; one of the most critical issues in education is student discipline and chronically disruptive students. Where is any information at all, on student discipline? A recent audit found APS routinely falsifying crime statistics to protect their reputation.

Spin 4;
"The advocacy agenda will be set by the group, not me or the district."
The truth; the leadership of the APS has no intention of allowing the agenda to be controlled by anyone but themselves. It is the inability of the leadership of the APS to control the agenda of the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication which has them stonewalling the petition.

Perhaps the most disingenuous spin of all;
I hope all of us welcome ... questions.
Talk is cheap.

photo Mark Bralley

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