Saturday, December 17, 2011

Williams-Stapleton should resign

Rep Sheryl Williams-Stapleton called Governor Susana Martinez a "Mexican".

The Republican Party thinks she should resign from her leadership position in the House; the Democrats don't. If she were Republican, the Dems would be calling for her resignation and the Republicans would be soft peddling her slur.

Williams-Stapleton would have us believe the outburst was an anomoly; it hasn't happened before and wont't happen again. Even so, she should resign, but not just for the racist slur. She should resign for what she did afterward;

  • blaming it on "the Republicans"

  • pretending she wasn't referring to Governor Susana Martinez; and

  • a soft apology to anyone who "might have been" offended.

  • calling a newsconference and not inviting KRQE because of their story on her violation of District policies and being paid for her legislative service (a violation of their civil rights).

Leadership is not so much about never making a mistake, as it is about how you handle the mistake afterward. We tell children about George Washington and the Cherry tree as an example of holding one's self honest accountable for their conduct, as an example to subordinates.

Williams-Stapleton's apology; I would like to apologize for any damage that might have been done to the tree by the axe, falls short.

Too short for real leadership.


Anonymous said...

I had come to the same conclusion. Her äpology"was political, not very sincere or heartfelt, or complete.
Even the apology seemed forced and somewhat sarcastic.

George Washington said...

I agree. We must demand more from our leaders.