Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Super SAC is a sham

The Journal reports that students on the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council are "Partners in Policy", link.

The gist, if you believe education reporter Hailey Heinz, is that students are actually participating in decision making that affects their interests.

I don't believe it for a minute, but let's assume, for the sake of argument, students do actually have a voice. Questions are begged;

  • Why do students have a voice, but their teachers don't?
  • Why do students have a voice, but their parents don't?
  • Why do students have a voice, but taxpayers don't?

There is no Teachers Advisory Council, there is no Parents Advisory Council, and there is no Community Advisory Council (witness the denial of due process for the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication's Petition for standing).

Students and Brooks may well enjoy their little confabs, but if students think they have any more of a voice than their teachers, their parents and their community, they are sadly mistaken.

It is a sham.

Letter to the editors, upon posting.


James D Robertson said...

Best in the state - on a scale of what!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. I've been with APS for over 28 years. Not once, have I, or any colleague that I know of, been asked our opinion on anything, anytime, anywhere. Top down administration has always been a given in APS, no matter what flavor of the month they are espousing!