Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brooks is hypocrite; they all are.

APS Supt Winston Brooks has reminded employees, link,
they serve as role models to students.

He, however, does not.

Nor does any other senior administrator.

Nor does any board member.

Students are "expected to model and promote the Pillars of Character Counts!" link, senior administrators and board members are not; not since they removed the role modeling clause from their own standards of conduct.

Ask any senior administrator if they will hold themselves honestly accountable to the same standards of conduct they established and enforce upon students; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

They won't answer;
they won't even look
you in the eyes.

None of them will.

Character is taught by example;
it is taught only by example.

All leadership is by example only.

That's what lead means.

photos Mark Bralley

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