Sunday, November 23, 2014

Esquivel's re-election campaign gets boost from KRQE

According to APS' award-
winning website, this is what
School Board Member
Marty Esquivel looks like.
Based on the assumption
the incumbent is in the race until
you hear otherwise;  APS School
Board Member Marty Esquivel
would like to be re-elected;
he's in til he's out.

If he is running, his re-election
effort is having a great week on

Not only are they still not investigating and not reporting on Esquivel and the board's;
  • new policy and procedures for limiting public participation in public meetings; a naked effort to escape individual criticism and accountability for their public service and to bolster a non-viable defense he and the board are putting up in federal court.  Or upon his and the board's,
  • squandering of the people's trust and treasure as they in meet in secret, without a creating any record of any kind, spending without any real oversight and without limit, in defense of Marty Esquivel's ego and their own self-interests. Or upon his and board's
  • utter abandonment of their obligations as the senior-most role models of student standards of conduct
but now, they have instead,
  • made him the star of an oft running ad promoting  a Larry Barker exclusive.  
He couldn't ask for better pre-election exposure if he was paying for it.

in the following paragraphs this morning, I inadvertently posted another station's call letters; I meant to have typed KRQE and the change is now reflected in the follow below. 
It is worth noting, except for Esquivel not being their lawyer too (as far as we know),  KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV are all same same, as I wrote  this morning;
Not one of them wants to looking at ethically redacted findings of investigations of felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators
In his other life, Esquivel is KRQE's lawyer.
His advice;
don't press KRQE's IPRA request for ethically redacted public records of findings in investigations of allegations of felony criminal criminal misconduct in the leadership of APS' publicly funded private police force.

The Journal, let's say
Editor in Chief Kent Walz,
does they same for Esquivel;
running his photo and quotes
about as many times as they can, without being too obvious.

The same holds true for KOAT and KOB TV and now DCF, though the path of the influence of the APS over Sophie Martin's DCF is unclear.

The common thread in the establishment's media is former APS School Board heavy hitter Paula Maes.

Maes, the CEO and President of the NM Broadcasters Assoc holds sway enough with them it seems, to enjoy their complicity and or complacency in the cover up of an ethics, standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the of the largest school districts in the country.

All of this is so very wrong on so many levels.

And yet, plausibly deniable and "legally" defensible.

You can fight back by making
APS' individual and institutional
Ethics, Standards and Accountability 
the issue in the school board election.
Weed out any candidate who is not willing to
role model honest accountability to meaningful
standards of conduct and competence in their public service.
If we want students to grow into adults who embrace character and courage and honor, someone has to be willing to show them what they look like.

photos Mark Bralley

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