Sunday, November 09, 2014

"National Search Wanted; District Can Expect to Pay More for New APS Superintendent"

read the headline in the Journal, Tuesday, July 10, 2007, link,

The Supt was leaving over a scandal in the leadership of APS'
publicly funded private police force.

  • "It's going to cost some money, and it's probably going to cost more money than we pay Beth Everitt," board member Marty Esquivel said.
  • Everitt, whose current salary is $183,740, insisted her decision to leave was not due to recent controversies that have rocked the district ...
  • Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chávez weighed in ... "We have a school district that's in a crisis," he said. "It's going to require somebody who's not afraid to make enemies, including on the board."
  • (Everitt) first told the school board at a closed-door meeting early Monday, where it was discussing the lawsuit against the district filed by former APS Police Chief Gil Lovato and Everitt's upcoming annual evaluation.
  • "My feeling was we were going to extend the superintendent's contract and the board was feeling the same way about extending her contract," said Maes, the board's president.

It's like déjà vu, all over again.  
Yogi Berra

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JD Robertson said...

I knew and liked Ms. Everitt - unfortunately she was the classic example of a CEO hired to take on the responsibilities of a leader. There is a distinct difference! The primary problem I see in the choosing a new superintendent lies in the total inability of the school board to know and define the duties of a leader vs a CEO. The board insists they want a leader but they are, not surprisingly, ignorant of what it is a leader is suppose to do.