Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Korte's conduct; crosses a line?

APS School Board District and Community Relations Chair Kathy Korte has "misbehaved", again, Journal, link;

During an emotional outburst at last week’s Albuquerque Public Schools board meeting, member Kathy Korte said she is “so goddamn grateful she (her eldest of four children, a high school senior) is leaving the public schools” system at the end of the school year.

Board member Don Duran
took a stand on at least one
aspect of Korte's outburst;
“It does not do us any good 
in our discourse over public 
education to use poor language 
or to curse other people, or 
to curse at all.”

Then he walked back his criticism; pointing out it that he doesn't want to tell other school board members what to do.

School Board Member Lorenzo Garcia, according to the Journal, has no recollection of the outburst, despite his position at her elbow and what appears to his full attention to her.

He can, if he would like to refresh his memory, review the videotape of the meeting, link, click on video, November 5th meeting, FF to 1:34:20.

The rest of the board "could not be reached" by the Journal Monday.

Korte has a history of "misbehavior".  The Journal pointed to some of it;
  • Korte ... has become emotional on issues in past meetings
  • Korte has made controversial statements before. In July, she referred to Rep. Paul Pacheco ... as a “traitor”...
  • Korte and board president Analee Maestas traded barbs over emails in April in a dispute ...
  • Last December, she irked Esquivel and then-Superintendent Winston Brooks when she belittled the $1 million Broad Prize for Urban Education ...
Misbehavior is misbehavior only if it is prohibited by applicable standards of conduct.

Korte is one of the seven senior-most role models of standards of conduct that explicitly prohibit disrespectful behavior; student standards of conduct; the standards she and board established and enforce upon students; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

Korte's solution;
"I'll put a penny in the cuss jar ..."
So, when a student yells out;
I'm so goddamn grateful that the bell is about to ring.
A penny in the cuss jar should even things up.

As an utter aside, but during her outburst, Korte admits her children can't type, and blamed APS. This is only noteworthy because Korte has oft mentioned her conviction that parents need to step up to their own responsibilities in the education of their children.  

Korte, moments after attacking photojournalist Mark Bralley.

The Journal chose to not mention Korte's attack on a reporter at a school board meeting, link, though they did report on it at the time, link.

The Journal is yet to report that Bralley is suing Korte and the district in federal court over an abundance of violations of his civil rights.

The suit will cost taxpayers at least, hundreds of thousand of dollars - yet the Journal doesn't find it newsworthy enough to investigate and report upon.

photos Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

The woman is unhinged. Korte is a negative leader whose activism is self-serving. She is an equal opportunity attacker and her language and demeanor are inappropriate for the office she currently holds. Korte has publicly verbally attacked an elementary school special ed. student as well as those who oppose her opinions. Other parents at Volcano Vista have expressed concern about her temper and her inserting herself at her child's school to get favorable treatment for her student.