Wednesday, November 05, 2014

APS School Board will meet in secret tonight

According to their agenda, link, the APS School Board will meet in secret tonight;

"... for the Purpose of Discussing Contents of Competitive Sealed Proposals Solicited Pursuant to the Procurement Code Regarding RFP #15-034SS-SL, Superintendent Search Services (Action)"
I suppose there are a number of good and ethical reasons to meet in secret.

There is no good and ethical reason to not record the meeting.

The leadership of the APS do not record their meetings in secret by their own deliberate decision.

What if tonight; after the doors have closed,
one of them says; OK vender D has offered the largest bribe;
I move that we accept their proposal.
And some other one of them says; I second that motion.
And then they vote to accept it unanimously.
It would be nice, if you were them, to have a record that proved that conversation never took place; should someone seriously allege that it did.

Conversely, it's nice to not have a recording if conversations like that do take place.

It would be nice to have a record that was accessible to a court of competent jurisdiction.

If there was a recording made of the in secret Audit Committee meeting on August 25, 2010, there would be proof of a violation of the law when they ejected Mark Bralley and I.

photo Mary Ellen Broderick
Speaking of photojournalist Mark Bralley, it is interesting that the Journal has not reported on his complaints against the leadership of the APS individually and in various combinations, filed in federal court on August 19 of last year, link.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are in play and the people whose dollars they are, have no idea that the complaints have been filed and litigation is on going - at taxpayer expense.

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