Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Esquivel campaign(?) gets a boost from KRQE and Larry Barker

The gist of the Larry Barker exclusive, link;
a man with a background that should have disqualified him from teaching in public schools did not, and then APS hired him as a teacher.

There is nothing really remarkable about this story.
As serious as the problem is, there is nothing really remarkable in the fact that there are men and women teaching in the APS who shouldn't be. 

If there was another story next week about a different teacher who should not be teaching, would you be surprised?  Disappointed of course, but surprised?

photo APS' website
APS School Board Member Marty Esquivel was featured prominently in both the report and a week of intensive advertising in advance of the report.  Esquivel is, as far as anyone knows, running for re-election to the APS school board. 

There is the appearance of impropriety.

The coverage Esquivel was given for free will help him get re-elected.

Esquivel's personal and professional ties to KRQE create the appearance of a conflict of interests. 

Esquivel knows better, and since he is KRQE's lawyer,
they know better too.

If the KRQE Esquivel relationship was free of impropriety, Larry Barker would be doing an exclusive on Ethics, Standards and Accountability in the APS and
Esquivel would be co-starring
in a whole different role.

photo Mark Bralley

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