Saturday, November 22, 2014

Character education in particular, isn't for everybody (all at once).

Never mind that no education is for everybody all at once because there is no such thing as a one size fits all education in any subject.

Character education in particular, and more than any other, is based on individual witnessing someone else's personal example.
Character is taught by personal example.
It can be taught only by personal example.

You don't teach character; you can show students it looks like.  You set an example.  Even if your example is of falling short and accepting the consequences.

All achievement gaps are individual, their mitigation has to be individualized at least to some practical limit.

It may sound oxymoronic, but
it is possible to make a collective
effort to pay individual attention.

This whether it is their math skills,
their reading skills, or their
character development in need of our individual attention.

Charles "ched" Mac Quigg
running for the APS School  Board, District 4 on my own terms;
  • Honest actual accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence for politicians and public servants within their public service to the APS, to nearly 90,000 of this community's sons and daughters, and to the community members they serve.
  • Meaningful participation by stake and interest holders in decision making that affects their interests.  Open and honest and civil two-way public discussions of important issues.
  • Transparency limited only by the law; ethical redaction of the public records of the spending of their considerable resources, and the wielding of their considerable power.
The very things the
incumbent Marty  Esquivel
is litigating to prevent;
using limitless operational 
dollars, and under no real oversight.

Self-over sight and  
subordinate oversight
are not oversight,
they are oxymora.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

If you're running, you have my vote, again! hopefully true integrity will win this time!

ched macquigg said...

Most grateful!