Monday, November 17, 2014

Susana Martinez reneged on accountability pledge

It is apparently alright for campaigning politicians to deliberately mislead people.

It is alright to spend millions and millions of dollars openly and shameless to create beliefs or leave impressions that are untrue or misleading.

Supposedly, it is not alright for them to continue to deliberately mislead the people once they are elected, though of course they do.  To the extent that their silence gives consent, the people are good with that.

The people's oversight over government, politicians and public servants is provided by the government.  If you want to know how politicians and public servants are spending public resources and wielding power that belongs fundamentally to the people, they will tell you.

If you would like to hear it from someone else,
someone who is not conflicted by their own self interests,
you're out of luck.

Yes, yes, yes I would
When Gov Susana Martinez was running for office, I asked her, in essence, if she would support independent investigations of government looking for waste due to corruption and incompetence and authorize the investigators to report directly to the public record and not only to those whose character and competence were under investigation.

I couldn't get the questions out of my mouth without being interrupted;
"yes", "yes", "yes", "yes I would." link
Of course she never has.

Has there ever been an independent examination and review of ethics, standards and accountability in any government agency?

I propose that before we elect new APS school board members, before we hire another superintendent, there be;
an independent examination and review of 
the ethics, standards and accountability that 
protect the public interests in the public schools.
Why not?

Why not now?

... except that any honest examination and review would find inadequate records of inadequate accountability to inadequate standards of conduct and competence.

Suppose just for the hell of it; there is actually
adequate record keeping of adequate accountability to 
adequate standards of conduct and competence.
Suppose there is honest accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence; where is the evidence of them?

Why, if you search APS' award winning website for Executive and Administrative Standards of Conduct and Competence you find nothing, link?

Why can't you link to due process for complaints filed against board members or administrators?

... except that they don't exist?

Demand a timely independent examination and review of APS executive and administrative ethics, standards and accountability.

Demand that the findings be ethically redacted and surrendered to public knowledge.

How, where, when?

Glad you asked;
  • the public forum
  • at the APS school board meeting
  • Wednesday, November 19, 2014, agenda

photo Mark Bralley

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