Saturday, August 17, 2013

Are Armenta and Esquivel lying, or just really stupid?

Mahatma Gandhi, wikilink, once observed, in the struggle against power,

first they ignore you
then they laugh at you
then they fight you
then you win. 
The Journal was already in the habit of ignoring me when I stood up at public forums and asked the board to explain why students are expected to hold themselves accountable to ethical standards of conduct and they are not.

So I upped the ante, daring them to not print a photograph of a guy standing in the back of a board meeting wearing an elephant mask.

They called my bluff.  Not only did they not report on my standing in the back of the room wearing the mask, they didn't even report when APS Praetorian Guard arrested me and ejected me from the meeting for wearing it.

Now comes sworn testimony from Marty Esquivel and Monica Armenta.

Esquivel swore under oath, he didn't recognize the "elephant in the room", he actually thought I was supposed to be "a mouse".

Armenta swore under oath, she also didn't recognize the "elephant in the room", she thought and still does; I was "Chucky Cheese".

Armenta has forgotten apparently that she actually walked up to me to tell me that she had figured out that I was trying to be the "elephant in the room". 
Update; I found the actual actual exchange;
"I know its not Halloween", Armena said, so what was I doing?
"Drawing attention to the elephant in the room", I responded.
I represent then, that it was Rigo Chavez who walked up to me and indicated he understood I was the elephant in the room.

I say Esquivel and Armenta are "laughing" at me,
and then lying about it under oath.

Armenta, Esquivel, and mask photos Mark Bralley

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