Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Armenta lets loose a whopper!

APS spokespeople are no longer identified in news reports.

It was an APS "spokesperson" KRQE reports, link,  who
claimed 89% of students attended school today.

Last year, link, It was APS' Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta who claimed 81% attendance on the last day of school.

Neither claim is what might be called candid, forthright and honest; nor or even close.

When KRQE asked to take their cameras in and see for themselves, APS Crisis Manager Monica Armenta, or someone acting in her stead, told them no.

KRQE is conducting a viewer poll.
It indicates by a margin of nearly
4 to 1, a communications failure of
massive proportion.

More to follow.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

1)As far I know (I'm a teacher), no one in APS takes attendance in APS the last week of school. This is because the computers are checked in about 1 week ahead of time, which is required for attendance.
2) If attendance is not taken, then the default is "present"on the students accounts.
3) some teachers keep taking attendance up to the last day. If APS shows some 15% are absent on last day, then about 15% of the teachers are still taking attendance, notifying the absences.

Anonymous said...

As of Friday 5-25, teachers could still mark attendance on the computer program ICUE. As of yesterday 5-29, ICUE was empty of any classes so taking attendance was impossible.
Another little known fact about how APS games the attendance system is that if one teacher does not mark a student absent for their class, even though the other 5 teachers marked him absent,he is considered present by default. This is how hundreds if not more slip through the cracks of every middle/high school in the district.
So after looking at pages of absences for several students this year I've decided I'd rather just change professions, rather than have my salary tied to something over which I have no control.