Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brandenburg sets the tone; way too low

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is responsible for setting the tone in the District Attorney's Office.

Recent stories in the Journal, link, and on KRQE, link, paint a number of her subordinates as scofflaws. Most disturbing in Barker's report, the interviews with the handicap parking violators and their utter disregard for the laws they enforce.

It would be unreasonable of course, to hold Brandenburg accountable for the individual misconduct of  every one of her subordinates.  But when the number of subordinates making bad choices gets large enough, it is fair to wonder about the influence, or lack of it, that Brandenburg exerts on those for whom she is the senior role model.

Brandenburg announced that she had "launched an investigation" Thursday morning.  The results of the investigation have not been released, indicating the investigation is still underway (how long does it take to investigate the crimes Barker documented?), or more likely, the facts are known and are being hidden for as long as the law and the media will allow.

photo Mark Bralley

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