Saturday, May 12, 2012

APS finds four goals, Armenta gets a new job

The APS School Board has reduced their celebration of eight goals, to four, link.

Goal One: Academic Achievement
APS will implement an academic plan aimed at improving achievement for all students with an intensified focus on closing the achievement gap.
Goal Two: Financial Stewardship
APS will maintain a transparent, sound, and responsible financial plan that focuses resources to the classroom and advances student achievement, supports family/community involvement, and promotes school safety.
Goal Three: Family and Community Involvement
APS will meaningfully engage families and enhance partnerships with the community to maximize student achievement.
Goal Four: School Environment
APS will provide a safe and supportive climate for learning and working that maximizes student achievement.
According to the district's website, link, Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta will be the "champion" for Goal 3, link.

Her co-champion, Assistant Superintendent for School and Community Support Diego Gallegos is retiring this month, link.

The Journal reports, link,
Armenta is one of the leaders developing plans to achieve one of the district’s major goals: improving family and community engagement in APS.
Noteworthy; the word "communication" has been scrubbed from APS lexicon. It is apparently too difficult for them to keep saying they want to improve "communication" while simultaneously refusing to engage in any form of open and honest two-way communication with the community members they serve.

Effectively, her new title will be APS Executive Director of Community Involvement (without ever pointing to a time, a day and a place, where the leadership of the APS will respond to legitimate questions about the public interests and their public service, candidly, forthrightly and honestly).

She will continue to be paid more than three times what
a new teacher makes.

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