Monday, May 28, 2012

The only fitting memorial, really.

There will be a great to do today in honor of those who have sacrificed so much on our behalf; as well there should be.

When it comes to honoring those men and women and their sacrifices, the speeches we will hear, the ceremonies we will witness, pale in comparison the real measure of our gratitude; holding the ground they took.

Ground worth taking is ground worth holding, and ground is held by defending it, not by memorializing those who took it; no matter how moving the ceremony.

"The ground" is this case is protection of the free exercise of human rights, The best defense of that ground, and the greatest homage we can pay to those to took it, is to exercise those rights freely and frequently, lest we forget how and why we might want to.

What is the point of people dying to defend the rights to freely assemble, speak and petition one's government, if those whose rights they are, don't care enough about them to exercise them?

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