Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 2nd stupidest make-up day ever?

Under eerily nearly identical circumstances last year, the Journal was reporting on, link, student non-attendance of a make up day scheduled for the day after the Memorial Day weekend. Just like today.

Last year at this time, APS' Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta was trying to get people to believe that student attendance was 81%, link.

The controverting facts and evidence were overwhelming.

Some were calling it the stupidest make up day ever.

The leadership of the APS would have those who know about these wasted days, link, believe that there is nothing that can be done on the last day of school that will contribute positively to the education students.

Instead, the few students who do show up today will wander the halls bored and aimless, wandering from classroom to classroom looking for a teacher showing a G rated movie they have seen a million times before. Or perhaps , if there are teachers they like, they're giving them a hand in shutting down their classrooms.

It will cost taxpayers approximately $6.5M to open APS schools for students today.

Worse than the fact that they are wasting $6.5M today, is their relentless unwillingness to be candid, forthright and honest with those whose money is being wasted.

Education stopped more than two weeks ago for seniors, many of whom will be struggling next fall just to keep up in the freshman English and Math classes for which they will be under prepared.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Monica Armenta makes around 107K per year with her BA in Communications. When in 2007 APS hired her as its chief spin doctor, she stated in ABQ Journal on June 7, 2007: "I'm very excited...I attended APS. My kids are in APS." Wow. Perfect credentials for a $107K per year. Many stellar APS teachers with advanced degrees will have to work tirelessly for at least two years to make what the former TV reporter with only a BA makes in one. I would love to ask Armenta so many questions about why Beth Everitt hired her in the first place, what makes her qualified to spin the truth for APS for a two-teacher salary on just her BA, and if she can say something else rather than "We can't comment on personnel issues." How pathetically transparent her bogus position is at APS. I would be embarrassed to be making her salary without any years of experience in education and without any advance degrees.

Anonymous said...

Check out the connection between Monica's Mom, Quest, and APS. Follow the money!