Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Armenta reports record last day attendance

APS Executive Director of Communications
Monica Armenta reported on KKOB, that
APS attendance Tuesday was 81%
"on paper". She did not elaborate on the
meaning of "on paper".

Whatever it means, it doesn't mean
"in classrooms" or even "in the building".

In twenty five years of teaching, I never
saw 81% attendance on the last day; not
even close. Average daily attendance all
year long barely exceeds 90%.

Armenta's big lie flies in the face of the Journal's report, link,
on attendance on what has been called "the stupidest makeup
day ever."

Coincidentally, or conveniently depending on your perspective,
an APS "computer glitch" prevented the compilation of an
incontrovertible record of actual attendance. It means we will
never know how many kids really attended school yesterday.
The evidence that would contradict Armenta's blatantly
dishonest statement was vanished.

On Thursday KRQE reported, link, "the district expects kids to
show up." I asked Armenta for attribution for the statement
and she chose to not respond; to not be candid, forthright, and
honest. Much like her reporting that 81% of students showed up
for school yesterday.

The boggle; if you're going to lie,
why lie about something where
the controverting truth is so readily

Perhaps it is because media maven
Armenta knows her cronies in the
establishment media aren't going to
call her out on her lies of commission
and omission.

They not going to call her out on;

  • the cover up of the Caswell Report on felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators,
  • the denial of due process to hundreds of whistleblower complaints,
  • the abdication of the entire leadership of the APS from their obligations as role models of the student standards of conduct, and
  • the steadfast refusal of to allow any independent audit of APS standards and accountability that will "individually identify" any corrupt or incompetent administrators or board members.
And they're not going to call her out on "... creating beliefs or leaving impressions that are untrue or misleading..." about actual attendance on the last day of school.

photos Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

It's a bird ; it's a plane no it's Monica Armenta, her super hero PR powers allow her to conjure up students out of thin air. If only she could find more dollars in the school budget with her magic pencil. To bad her kryptonite is the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Out of 130 middle school students, only about 15 showed up on Tuesday, and my fellow teachers said the same.
APS closed our attendance reporting system, ICUE, on Friday, so our school defaulted to 100% present.
Interesting figure Monica pulled out of her ass. If our attendance system was shut down by APS ( someone in the towers forgot to identify Tuesday as a "school day"), so our schools attendance was reported as 100%, of which "present" is the default setting when attendance is not reported.
So, Monica, where do you get your "Data"? It's very incorrect, fraudulent and the legal attendance documents for Tuesday is not totally irrevocably corrupt.