Friday, May 18, 2012

Is Walz covering for Brooks?

In the Journal, link, a report on a lawsuit filed by demoted women against "APS".

Nowhere in the entire article, is it mentioned that APS Supt Winston Brooks is a named respondent in that lawsuit.

It makes a difference, and Kent Walz' Journal didn't report it. It makes a difference in particular, since Brooks was given space in the "report" to defend the actions he took that prompted the lawsuit.

Brooks is the subject of a number of complaints of misogyny, bullying, and anger management issues. Perhaps, not one of those complaints is substantiated by credible evidence or testimony. Perhaps, some of them are; perhaps most are.

That the truth about complaints is being hidden from interest holders, speaks to a need to hide the truth from them.

The people have an interest here; it is their power and resources that are being spent. It is their power and resources that were consigned to APS to educate 90,000 of this community's sons and daughters, and which are being used instead, to separate Winston Brooks from the consequences of his misconduct.

There is no mechanism by which the people can hold Winston Brooks accountable. Though a public servant, he does not work for the people. He works for the School Board.

Our only opportunity to hold him accountable, is to hold the school board accountable; individually and collectively. The only way we can hold the school board accountable, is if we are told the truth.

And the Journal isn't telling the truth.

Neither are any of the affiliates of School Board President Paula Maes' New Mexico Broadcasters Association.

Coincidentally, Maes is herself a named respondent in a lawsuit alleging her personal abuse of the power entrusted to her.

There is an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, and Kent Walz and the establishment media are not telling the truth about it.

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