Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Armenta accused me of "stalking" her

APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta has accused me of "being in her office everyday" and "stalking" her.

Stalking is criminal behavior; it's a serious charge.

In response to a public records request for "any public record the APS Police Department has with my name on it, or that justifies in any way my being illegally banned from board meetings" we were told there are none; not one.

It would appear that her reckless allegation are more slander and libel than substance, and simply more criminal misconduct in APS' senior administration.

Armenta is seen here ordering APS' Praetorian Guard to throw me out of the EHS Gubernatorial Debate. Not that I had done anything wrong (see above), she was just afraid I might ask an inconvenient, yet legitimate, question that would embarrass her, or Winston Brooks, or Marty Esquivel, or Paula Maes, or ...

photo ched macquigg

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