Sunday, December 21, 2014

Running for the APS School Board problematic

I want to run on principles, and apparently, the only way to win (any election) is to condense the important issues into negative bumper stickers.

Somebody, please tell me how
to fit that on a bumper sticker.
If after the election, you want policy making decisions to reflect the input of stake and interest holders, if you want public meetings in which there will be candid, forthright and honest two-way communication between the leadership of the APS and the community members they serve
you need to elect board members who support that goal.

There isn't another candidate offering stake and interest holders meaningful participation in decision making that affects their interests.

Not one.

photo Mark Bralley

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Sina-Aurelia Pleasant Soul-Bowe said...

Mr. MacQuigg,
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I, for one, am an APS School Board candidate in District 4 offering stake and interest holders- specifically the students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents- meaningful participation in decision making that affects their interests. I am available to meet with you and discuss this stance at any time at which you are available. My email address is: While your uninformed claim regarding the other candidates appears assumptive and antithetical to the informed and transparent positioning that you claim to hold, I CAN legitimately claim that I am the ONLY APS School Board candidate that is an APS graduate, is an APS teacher and is an APS parent. I am the proverbial stakeholder and I am the only candidate in District 4 who has "skin in the game" in that I will be held accountable for the decisions that I make as a Board Member by the fact that my actions will be directly manifest upon my own children. Thank you for fighting the Good Fight for those seeking justice, equity and accountability in, and from, APS. I look forward to hearing from you.