Tuesday, December 09, 2014

APS Police Chief; invited to "put up or shut up" chooses door three instead

APS Police Chief Steve Gallegos was invited to either come up with some hard evidence that I have followed him, like videotape from the camera he's supposed to be wearing,
stop telling people that I am following him.

Instead, he offered, the thought of me following him around had never even occurred to him, until I suggested it.

I am confident that should he ever offer that same answer under oath, his perjury will be demonstrable.

Gallegos, left, has his eyes closed (actually and metaphorically) as APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta, orders the APS Police to eject me from a public meeting, for no good reason.

They did.

And now they are defending themselves in federal court. over the violation of my civil rights that ejected represented.

At huge expense to the operational fund and the students and teachers is was created to support.

photo ched macquigg

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