Thursday, December 18, 2014

Korte; about to get steam rolled out of office?

School Board elections are supposed to be non-partisan.  Reasonably so.

Blogger Monahan suggests
this morning, link, that
Governor Susana Martinez
maybe starting to throw
her political weight around
in the election of the next
School Board; in particular
the race for Kathy Korte's
school board seat.

Korte has been a thorn in
the governors' side.

Los Aragon at filing.
Running against Korte,
teacher Peggy Muller-Aragon.

Monahan is concerned, her ties
to the Martinez administration, in
which her husband, Robert Aragon
is a favorite, portend interference
from the Governor's political machine,
in a supposedly non-partisan race.

Muller-Aragon proudly proclaims  on
her own website, link; to have been
"Active in Governor Martinez's successful 2010 campaign ..."

Adding to speculation that Martinez might be going after Korte personally, is the likely participation of the UNM Health Sciences Senior Strategic Advisor, Ryan Cangiolosi in the decision to fire Korte from her job at UNMH, link.

Awhile back, Cangiolosi was Gov Susana Martinez' Deputy Chief of Staff.

Is the Martinez/McClesky steam roller about to roll over Kathy Korte?

NM shadow governor (because
it's always and only about "winning"
elections) Jay McClesky
Martinez/McClesky still has lots of money left over from the gubernatorial race.

In a race where Monahan says the average candidate spends $15K, a candidate with McClesky's support could end up spending $150K and never bat an eye.

Is that what we really need, back to back attack ads on Korte on every TV station and billboard from now until the election?

If there ever were an election that belongs to the people more than another, it would be a school board election.

Just because the people have no expressed interest in voting in it, doesn't mean it should be turned over to political parties to decide.

The people can take back control over the election simply by participating in it.  Go to forums; ask tough questions.  Vote.  Encourage others to vote.

photos Mark Bralley

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