Wednesday, December 17, 2014

APS insists; no criminal investigation of APS Police scandal

Up to and including late 2006, there was felony criminal misconduct going on in the leadership of the APS Police force.  The Journal investigated and reported, link, felonious abuse of a federal criminal database and felonious misappropriation of cash in evidence.

APS' Custodian of Public Records and Directer of Communications Rigo Chavez relentlessly insists;
"... there was only one investigation conducted on allegations of misconduct and that was the one done by Access Investigations under a contract with Robert Caswell Investigations, which had an agreement with APS Human Resources."
No agency of law enforcement ever investigated allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators. 

Evidence of felony criminal misconduct was never turned over to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Which begs a question about the Robert Caswell investigation.  If he uncovered evidence of felony criminal misconduct, he did unless he willfully ignored what he found, wasn't Caswell under any obligation to turn the evidence over to law enforcement?

Is it really "legal" to have a private eye do the evidence gathering just so you can hide it away in a "personnel file"?

Either the leadership of the APS police force investigated it's own felony public corruption, or they didn't; meaning nobody did, ever.

I believe the APS police did self-investigate its own leadership.  And that the findings they are trying so hard to hide, show that Steve Tellez, who would later become Chief, knew, or should have known about the corruption in which he was awash as Deputy Chief.

photo by ched macquigg
I believe the investigation was
conducted by the current APS
Police Chief Steve Gallegos. 

I believe he is making $108K
a year to keep his mouth shut
about what he uncovered.


I believe they enjoy aide and
abet in the cover from Journal
Editor in Chief Kent Walz. 

Even in the face of school board election and search for a superintendent.

These beliefs are used on occasion, to characterize me as some kind of nut.  Who knows? but it's beside the point.

All APS has to do prove I'm only a nut, is to produce an exculpating, contradictory truth. 

That they relentless refuse to tell the truth, and refuse to explain why they won't produce the ethically redacted findings of investigations of allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators, says something. 

That they are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of operational dollars to keep them hidden, even through a school board election and superintendent search says something loudly; it screams it.

photos Mark Bralley

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