Friday, July 25, 2014

Where oh where has the hand made Character Counts! quilt disappeared to?

At one point, the leadership of the APS was unashamed of their support of a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.  They were so enamored of it, they made them APS' student standards of conduct.   According to APS Student Behavior Handbook, they still are.

Some elementary school kids got together and made a Character Counts! quilt and presented it to the senior most role models of student standards of conduct; the leadership of the APS.  They deny, by means of their wholesale abdication, that they are the senior most role models of student standards of conduct and are therefore accountable to them. So what?

The leadership of the APS, recognizing the public relations value of a handmade quilt made by little kids; hung the quilt in the board room they use when the want to limit public participation in one of their public meetings.

In the photo, school board members David Robbins and Marty Esquivel are seen sitting in front of the quilt.

In the photo, David Robbins is seen ejecting Mark Bralley and me from a public meeting.  Esquivel is filming it all with his cell phone in case we do something he and they could use against us.  He sat down with his camera at the ready.  It is worth noting; none of his record showed either of us doing anything wrong because of course, neither of us had.

Robbins admitted that the discussion and decision that resulted in our ejection was made outside of the public meeting (and therefore a violation of the Open Meetings Act).  Open government law expert Marty Esquivel took part in a conversation and decision making process he knew, or should have known was absolutely against the law.

In any case, the quilt and the mind numbing hypocrisy
that hanging it on their wall manifests,
have been replaced with APS maps.

I have been told all the Character Counts! teaching materials have been secreted away in closets.

I hope the quilt those little kids put together with their
tiny little hands and hearts,  is at least in one of those closets,
and not consigned to the dung heap like APS senior most
role model's obligations and responsibilities to model and
promote honest accountability to the higher standards of conduct the quilt had celebrated.

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