Monday, April 28, 2014

Armenta now APS' star witness

"Star" in the sense of "best", not "good" or credible, by any stretch.

APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta has the same problem that all of APS' witnesses have; no evidence in support of their testimony.

Not one second of videotape,
not one bite of sound,
not one photograph.

Nothing but her (and their) manifestly conflicted testimony.

In order to escape the consequences of his violation of my Constitutionally protected human rights, Defendant Marty Esquivel has to prove that I am a genuine safety threat to school board members and senior administrators.   Dangerous enough to justify him in banning me from school board meetings for the rest of my life*.

*For rest of my life, or until I admit doing something wrong though I did not and then, promising "sincerely" to Esquivel's personal satisfaction, that I will never do it again, though it is my every right to do it again and again and again.  "It" being; standing up at the podium of a school board meeting public forum and criticizing school board members and senior administrators by name,

I can't really promise that I will never to that again. 
It is in fact, my specific intention.

Like I said; for life.

Esquivel's personal reputation is on the line and he would rather see my reputation destroyed than his own.

Former APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez was going to be Esquivel's star witness.

With his years of experience and supposed credibility, his testimony might have carried some weight.  Though again, no evidence to support his allegations.

Tellez' testimony, whether they still try to use it or not, remains conflicted.

It has been necessary (in Tellez' mind) to defame and discredit me ever since I began asking for public records that would reveal his part in felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS' publicly funded private police force, link.

Tellez has spent years slandering and libeling me.  He stirred people up to the point where they spent a quarter of a million dollars fortifying the twin towers against my inevitable "armed assault".  $250K on cameras and Kevlar and not one iota of evidence to justify any of it.  It's ironic that with all the cameras they installed to keep an eye on me, they can't produce a single frame of evidence that I actually did anything I need even to be ashamed of.

As an advocate of higher standards of conduct than the law, I made myself a role model of those standards of conduct.  In the same manner that the leadership of the APS made themselves role models of the Pillars of Character Counts! by establishing and enforcing them on students, as an advocate of their accountability as role models, I acquired my own set of obligations and duties.

As a role model, any of the behavior they allege would have been against my own best interests.  As a spokesperson, I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by threatening anybody. 

Would Armenta have given me the press credentials I asked for if I had ever actually threatened her?  I think not.  If I had, it would still be with everything to lose and against my every interest.

In any case, with Tellez' recent plummet from whatever semblance of credibility he might have had, Defendant Esquivel is in need of a new star witness in his effort to defame and discredit me.

Up steps APS' Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta.

It falls upon her now, to convince a federal judge and jury that I am a threat not only to her but to everyone else.  Never mind that the only threat I pose to any of them is my search for public records and what I write them on this blog.

Oh yes, and the threat I pose to them, from podium during a public forum.

It is interesting that when Esquivel banned me for life, it was only from school board meetings with public forums.
If I am a genuine threat to their personal safety, how is it that they only need to protect themselves from me when there is a public forum or a place to stand and hold a poster?

Esquivel's only and slim hope to avoid the public humiliation of being found guilty of violating my civil rights is to somehow create an ex post facto justification for his banning letter.

Esquivel needs the judge and jury to believe that Monica Armenta has legitimate reasons to be afraid of me.  By and through his lawyers, Esquivel writes;

Finally, after sitting through seven hours of powerful testimony in which Ms. Armenta recounted the terror Mr. MacQuigg inspires in her through his intimidating actions, he defiantly posted a blog entry entitled “First, We Need to Kill All The [Public Information Officers]” .
This is Esquivel's best shot? Seriously?

Read the post, link,  and if you'd like, my defense of the headline, link.

No reasonable person, no judge, no jury is going believe the headline was written to inspire terror in APS' highly paid Crisis Manager, link.  Whatever part of Armenta's expressed fear of me is genuine, is not due to anything I did.  If anything, it flowed from or was exacerbated by Steve Tellez relentless slander and libel.

Nevertheless, Defendant Esquivel has paid his lawyer to write, here quoted in significant part;
"Plaintiff’s public posting ... appears to threaten an individual who (had) expressed real and personal fear for her safety the day before (based in part on Plaintiff’s hundreds of pictures of her) is ... “objectively reasonable”.
Fear for her safety based on the hundreds of pictures I've taken of her?

Where is Esquivel's evidence of "hundreds of photographs" I've allegedly taken? During discovery, we produced all of the photographs I had.

The truth is, I have not taken even tens of photographs of Armenta, never mind hundreds.  Honestly, I would be surprised to find I have taken even ten photos her.

I had no reason to take pictures of her.  In truth, I have taken so few photographs of any of them, that during APS Supt Winston Brooks' sworn deposition he testified; he didn't believe he had ever seen me taking photographs.

An image I did capture with my own camera, left, is of Monica Armenta giving me the "APS thumb"; get him out of here!

The thumb is a signal to their Praetorian Guard, their publicly funded private police force, to put an end to the free expression of my Constitutionally protected human rights.

They're certified police officers.  They're not supposed to take orders from people like Armenta, but they do.

photos Mark Bralley except as noted

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