Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"This satisfies your request under IPRA."

I had made a public records request of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office or "Department"; unclear as it reads Department on their website, link.

I am requesting any public records that reflect of the number of man hours and other resources that the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department has spent investigating the alleged theft of ammunition from the APS.
BCSO (or D?) Local Custodian of Public Records Sgt Aaron Williamson writes that the request was received by him on April 1, 2014.

The law requires the immediate production of immediately available records.  A Custodian worth his salt knows that.

Unless the fact that the BCSO or D does
... not track specific hours involved with each case.
is news to  BCSO or D veteran Sgt Williamson, his response was about as immediately available as immediately available gets.

I just now received the response, so it took 15 days.

15 days is the absolute maximum "allowed" by the law.

It's "legal".

It meets the lowest standards of conduct acceptable among civilized human beings.  It meets the standards of conduct that every higher standard of conduct, is higher than.

Williamson is screwing with the press; in First Amendment terms.  Unless he treats all members of the press this abysmally, I am being subject to disparate treatment and opportunity to exercise my Constitutionally protected human right to be the press.

He is screwing with me because he wants to, or
because he was ordered to, or

He, or both, are screwing with me because they can.
The law in its loosest sense and legal weaselry allows them to.

Sheriff Dan Houston, by and through his trusted servant, offered;
I can tell you that detectives were assigned the case on March 11, 2014. As of today’s date the case is still active and being investigated.

This satisfies your request under IPRA.

Sergeant Aaron Williamson
Custodian of Records
It does of course, satisfy the request, but not in a government
of the people, by the people and for the people kind of a way.

The people still have no real idea whether the power and resources they have entrusted to Dan Houston are being used in the public interests, in someone's personal interests, or not being used at all.

Odd that they don't keep that kind of a record.

How can they properly prioritize spending of our power and resources if they don't keep track of how much of each they're spending?

Odder still, that they start screwing with you if you start asking any questions.

Please people; there is an elephant in the room.

There is a least one of them in every room where questions are being asked by anybody, about the public interests and about the public service of politicians and public servants.

We pay the elephants to tell us the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but
the ethically redacted truth and in a timely manner.

They don't.  It isn't their job.
That's not why they're in the room.

Their job is to spin the truth or obfuscate the production of the truth in the personal best interest of the politician or public servant they serve instead of serving the people.

Briana Anderson does it for Mayor Richard Berry.

Monica Armenta does it for Winston Brooks and the Board.

Aaron Williamson does it for Dan Houston.

Where else but in government to you pay people to screw with you?

Is there a single powerful politician or public servant anywhere
who doesn't have a public servant working under them
whose job it is to make that politician or public servant look good
even when, and especially when they don't?

photo Mark Bralley

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