Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If Tellez is charged, his credibility will be diminished. Is that why he isn't being charged?

Tellez whispers in Winter's ear link
despite Winters' sworn testimony;
nobody whispers in his ear, ever.
To be fair; Tellez could be blowing
in Winter's ear; it's hard to be sure.
If there is a star witness in APS' trumped up allegations against me, it is former APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez.

He is at the center of APS' efforts to defend themselves by defaming me.

It is their only defense against the complaints I have filed against them.

If Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston ever completes the investigation of allegations of felony criminal misconduct that have been leveled at Tellez, and the findings of the investigation are that Tellez should be criminally charged, Tellez' character and credibility will suffer.

If he is actually charged, they will suffer more.  Upon his conviction, his testimony will become worthless.

Therefore, it is to the advantage of APS Defendants Marty Esquivel, Winston Brooks, Monica Armenta and the board, if Dan Houston takes forever to complete his investigation.  Forever is an option but not a necessity, they just need it to happen after Steve Tellez testifies against me.

APS, in their motion to reconsider, claims they are looking for an evidentiary hearing.  The last thing they want is for the judge to study the evidence.  They have no supporting evidence; we have an abundance of evidence; too much even to use.

What they are looking for is a "testimonial" hearing; an opportunity for the judge to listen to the manifestly conflicted testimony APS COO Brad Winter, APS ED of C, Defendant Monica Armenta and Defendant Steve Tellez, former APS Chief of Police.  None of whom have any hard evidence to support their unfounded allegations.

Armenta for example, has claimed that I followed her around in my car.  Under oath, she admitted that it was only one time and she didn't actually see me following her but, because we had once ended up at the same place at the same time, I "must have followed her" there.  Armenta has a motive to lie, she has been the subject of a number of exposes on her character and competence as t public information officer and APS senior administrator.

Brad Winter has also been the subject of numerous posts on this blog, on his character and competence.  He has the same motive to lie.  When his sworn deposition is compared to videotapes of the same incidents, there is very little in common.

Steve Tellez will testify, if not investigated, charged and convicted first of felony criminal misconduct, about the threat I constitute to the leadership of the APS.  He has a motive to lie.  The threats I constitute are my relentless efforts to get a hold of findings of several investigations into allegations of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of APS' publicly funded private police force.

The findings will show that Tellez, if not guilty outright of complicity in public corruption and incompetence, was complacent about it.  He had guilty knowledge of that corruption and incompetence.  That, or he was bone numbingly incompetent as Deputy Chief.

The question(s) then;
Is the investigation of allegations of criminal misconduct by a former member of APS' innermost circle of leadership, being deliberately delayed
  • in the interests of Marty Esquivel, Winston Brooks, Monica Armenta and the Board (which would be public corruption) or
  • because the Sheriff's detectives aren't up to the task (which would be incompetence), or
  • is it legitimately delayed for unknown reason which his PIO Aaron Williamson cannot possible reveal without "alerting potential defendants to destroy evidence, coordinate stories or flee the jurisdiction"? 

Why would Houston deliberately drag his feet?

Research suggests that cultures of corruption and incompetence exist because the good ol' boys take care of each other.  Good ol' boys are accountable to each other, and certainly not under any system they cannot control.

Their lack of candor, forthrightness and honest flows not from of personal allegiance to each other but allegiance to way of doing things in ways that keep the truth hard to find; a situation that floats the boats of the all of the corrupt and incompetent.

Houston may be covering for Esquivel and Brooks out of some personal allegiance, or he may not even like them.  That question is moot.

The effect is the same, a simple investigation will drag on and on and on, until the good ol' boys can no longer be held actually and honestly accountable.

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