Thursday, April 03, 2014

Esquivel, despite his guilt, will teach FOG seminar

The Chief United States District Judge wrote, link;

The public has an interest in seeing public meetings conducted in a manner that respects attendees’ First Amendment rights.
in finding that former APS School Board President Marty Esquivel violated the First Amendment and my civil rights by unreasonably restricting the content of my speech and discriminating against me for my viewpoint.

In the Journal's one-sided coverage when we filed the complaint, link, the Journal offered;
Esquivel, an attorney specializing in First Amendment issues, said he is confident the board has not unfairly limited MacQuigg’s free speech rights.
even quoting the First Amendment specialist;
“I’m very sensitive to how the law should work in terms of people having a right to express themselves, and I have absolutely no reservations about doing what we did as it pertains to Mr. MacQuigg,” Esquivel said.
The Journal chose to not interview me for the article; presenting instead only Esquivel's side.

Well, Esquivel was wrong, and now we find he is scheduled to teach a continuing ed session for the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, link entitled;
First amendment, open courtrooms and other issues in regard to access.
Presented by Martin Esquivel and Greg Williams
In particular we find that Esquivel will present on the issues of;
  • How to maintain order without infringing on constituents’ constitutional rights
  • Who has access to public comment period? ... and
  • Do photographers have access to public meetings, legislative committee hearings?
Interestingly, Esquivel is also a named Defendant in another lawsuit having to do with the rights of photographers (among other things).

One wonders; what might the FOG be thinking?

There is a seminar that Esquivel is fully qualified to teach;
  • How powerful politicians and public servants can bilk taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars; squandering the public trust and treasure on legal defenses that enjoy no real oversight, link, in an effort to litigate exceptions for themselves, from the law.
Esquivel's friend, Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz, relentlessly refuses to allow the truth to be told; about Esquivel, or about the ethics and accountability scandal wracking the leadership of the APS.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's just too ironic for words! Imagine my surprise when once again the outcome was not published in the Journal! NOT!