Sunday, April 06, 2014

Marty Esquivel's ego; worth a million dollars? to whom?

In September 2010, then School Board President Marty Esquivel banned me from school board meetings and the public forums they include.

The evidence clearly indicates
that he banned me over the
content of my speech.

Esquivel's considerable and
very expensive efforts to convince a federal court judge otherwise, have failed, link.

Anyone who looks at the evidence in this case, will come the same conclusion that the judge did; Esquivel violated my civil rights.

So why didn't APS simply settle the case at the get-go and cut their (the people's) losses?

Marty Esquivel's legal defense budget is literally unlimited.
He spends with no real oversight and without the board's oversight.

The entire school board is supposed to oversee litigation.
The board is the people's eyes on the administration of public power and resources.

The mechanism for that oversight includes a presentation to the entire board of the facts in and particular litigation; in particular the facts in cases costing taxpayers nearly a million dollars.

The lawyers who represent administrators and school board members, are supposed to describe to the entire board, candidly, forthright, honestly and in some detail; albeit in secret from the people who's power and resources are being spent, all of the aspects of the case that the board needs to consider before adding their collective stamp of approval to the continuing litigation.

The board's stamp of approval can be applied only in a meeting where the litigation appears on the agenda.  It has not; ergo there has been no legal meeting during which a case analysis of this case, could have been presented.

Esquivel has already encumbered nearly a million tax dollars and the school board still hasn't met to discuss the case.

There is some "oversight" provided by subordinates;
on its face, oxymoronic and manifestly conflicted.

If the board knew the truth about the complaints against Esquivel, would they give him the go ahead to spend even more money in his effort to escape the consequences of his deliberate violation of my Constitutionally protected human rights?

Are we paying to protect Esquivel's ego?

Consider that he considers himself a First Amendment specialist.
His expertise is called into question when he views his own record and then concludes that he did nothing wrong.  Esquivel told the Journal and interest holders;

“I’m very sensitive to how the law should work in terms of people having a right to express themselves, and I have absolutely no reservations about doing what we did as it pertains to Mr. MacQuigg.”
If that statement doe not raise questions about his expertise,
then it raises questions about his honesty with the Journal.

The nearly million dollar (so far) litigation is funded with operational funds; money that could and would otherwise be spent educating children.  Any settlement will come from operational funds and insurance carriers.  Worth pointing out; for every dollar I ever see in settlement, Marty Esquivel and Winston Brooks will have spent three or more dollars in their effort to keep themselves from being individually associated with their guilt.

It's an outrage.

More outrageous of course, the Journal's continued complicity in, and or complacency about APS' use of operational dollars to separate administrators and school board members from the consequences of their misconduct.

photo Mark Bralley

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